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About us

Our aim is to give you an unforgettable experience through a creative way of learning languages. We believe that language’s learning should be approached as naturally as possible and in the most exciting way. That is why we have created a variety of programs that are fun, social, creative, cultural, inspiring, and educational.  For this, we carefully handpicked teachers, not only for their proficiency in English or French, but also for their special talent such as painting, singing, acting, dancing, or public speaking. They will make sure that your journey with us is one of the best learning experiences you ever had.

Meet the founder
Kamal is the creator of the language Cloud, an innovative language program whose goal is to teach languages in a fun and creative way to both children and adults. Trained as an international schoolteacher in Denmark, he has an extensive experience, ranging from teaching English and French to toddlers to teaching business English to companies. As a world traveler and educator, Kamal has also worked with primary school teachers’ trainees in Africa and trained European volunteers for educational projects in Africa and Asia. Thanks to his experience as a teacher in public and in special Needs schools in England and Denmark, he gained valuable teaching skills that he passionately uses in all his educational works. When given the opportunity, Kamal also lectures in University and non-profit organizations around the themes of cultures, identity, and politics.

Explore Courses Kids & Teens Programs

4 sessions : 80€
Go Kids (Great Outdoor Kids) English or French
Price: 240€
Drama Kids English
Price: 240€
Express Yourself Club
4 sessions: 96€
Academic English

Online courses General or Business English / French

Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, our programs will make you feel confident enough to socialize and communicate with people on basic and more complex conversations on a personal or professional level.

Our General or BUsiness English/French courses are designed to help you make rapid progress and focus on four key language skills – speaking, listening pronunciation, and mastering grammar rules. This will be done through creative activities such as role-plays,  games, singing, discussions. With this approach, we can guarantee that you will have the most effective and the most pleasant language learning experience you ever had.

For adults

Price: 1440€
Individual course for adults
Price: 960€

For children

4 sessions: 80€
Individual course for children
4 sessions: 60€

International Winter/ Spring/ Summer camp

Price: 135€ / 5 days
International Winter/ Spring/ Summer camp
Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Simply the best

We carefully handpicked teachers, not only for their proficiency in English but also for their special talents such as painting, singing, writing, acting, or public speaking.

Exciting and challenging program

We have created a variety of programs that are fun, social, cultural, inspiring, and highly academic.

Relevant and flexible

Tailored made course for our students’ needs.


Why we are trusted in our approach

With the feedback provided about my child, I feel like the instructor has my child's best interests in mind. Lovely setting, instructors very warm and friendly. I’m very grateful! 🙂
Aiste, Sebastian’s mum
Great place and great activity for active kids!
Darius, Urte’s Dad
What I like best about the instructors’ teaching is the energy and passion! Nothing else to add. Good start! I would like to help you somehow; such things should grow!
Mariana, Mante’s mum
What I like best about the instructors’ teaching is the connection between the teachers and kids, a friendly atmosphere. It is a very great camp for kids not only to improve English but also to develop creativity. We liked that the kids had so many outdoor activities. Such a friendly atmosphere and a great connection between the teachers and kids!
Edita, Harold’s mum

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