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From busy cities to remote places, I’ve used education’s power, connecting with students globally’

Founder of the
Language Cloud

I’m Kamal, a devoted teacher passionate about education without limits. With a strong educational background, I’ve incorporated creative teaching methods into my journey.

From busy cities to remote places, I’ve used education’s power, connecting with students globally. Beyond classrooms, I’ve traveled to the global South, training adults in solidarity-focused education, sparking empowerment and change.

My true passion lies in crafting immersive educational projects, especially language camps. A highlight is my signature youth camps, blending my global journey, unique teaching methods, and creative philosophy. With 15 years of worldwide teaching experience, these camps offer an unmatched learning adventure, engaging and empowering young minds. I bring diverse experience, including working with special needs children, ensuring an inclusive and transformative educational journey.

Founder of the Language Cloud

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" Testimonials "

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    We help businesses, governments and educational institutions empower their workforces through relevant, practical and engaging English training solutions.

    1. Your employees will learn all business-related terms and slang

    2. Your employees will communicate confidently in any professional setting

    3. Your employees can choose a specific area to focus on, such as law, commerce, politics, medicine, etc.

    We have prepared a structure and plan in place but we love working together with our students, so before we begin we will have a discussion of what are the areas that need improvement and what we would like to gain from our lessons. From this we will build our lesson plan together, creating a program that will help our students reach their greatest potential in learning a language. Our aim is to increase your proficiency level after every session. For this reason, there will be a test every 3 months in order to evaluate how you are progressing.