The Language Cloud has designed a fantastic programme based on a range of academic, fun, and creative activities that allow your child to explore and develop the English of French language in the most effective way. Throughout our language courses, we will learn how grammar works, as well as how to use it in a variety of different approaches, building our knowledge in a more refined and structured way. We will take it all the way back to basics and work our way up; to create a strong foundation in our minds, thoughts, and academic learning techniques. This will be done using academic guidelines; however, we will use our own unique TLC methods which will keep us thinking, stimulated and on our toes. All whilst enjoying ourselves as we learn language naturally.
Our teaching approaches
Our hybrid language method is a combination of remote learning, and face-to-face workshops. It provides the convenience of studying safely from home, as well as participating in engaging workshops together with a community of young learners in our language studio. With this approach, we can ensure you that you’ll see a quick improvement in your child’s English/French speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Please note that this offer is for students based in Vilnius only.
2- Remote
For students outside of Vilnius, the entire course is taught remotely.
Structure of the course:
  • Online academic classes with an experienced teacher;
  • Creative workshops in our language studio (writing, stories, songs, drama);
  • Individualized activities at home with parents’ involvement.