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Academic English/ French

Teaching English in a seriously fun way.
What is Academic English?
Academic Language is the language needed by students to understand and communicate in the academic disciplines.  Academic language includes such things as specialized vocabulary, conventional text structures within a field such as essays and lab reports and other language-related activities typical of classrooms, such as expressing disagreement, discussing an issue, or asking for clarification.  Academic language includes both productive and receptive modalities (CWU, 2017).

Understanding the structure of Language and how it works the way it does is a crucial part of progressing within any aspect of academia. Throughout this course, we will learn why grammar works, as well as how to use it in a variety of different ways, building our knowledge in a more refined and structured way. We will take it all the way back to basics and work our way up; to create a strong foundation in our minds, thoughts and academic learning techniques. This will be done using academic guidelines, however, we will use our own unique TLC methods which will keep us thinking, stimulated and on our toes. All whilst enjoying ourselves as we learn language naturally.


  • Grade 3-4
  • Grade 5-6
  • Grade 7-9
  • Grade 10-12


  • Number of participants:5-12


  • 28 euros/4 sessions


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