Learn a language Naturally

English, French Act it out!

Join our most dramatic souls as we explore what it means to truly Express Ourselves. Drama is a great way to develop social skills, increase confidence, and learn how to work effectively in a team. It is a fun and exciting means of self-expression and communication, which in turn stimulates creativity and soft skill growth.  Come and explore Your imagination, develop Your performance skills, make new friends, and of course, expand Your knowledge of the English language, We cannot wait to have you add Your magic to Our show!

Over the course of the term, we will work together to create something of a drama masterpiece, the process will help us learn how to focus, prepare as well develop our confidence as we naturally find ourselves performing in front of our peers, friends and family on stage without a second thought.


  • Grade 5-8


  • Number of participants: 8-15


  • 288 euros/12 sessions
  • 90 Min


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