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4 sessions : 80€
Go Kids (Great Outdoor Kids) English or French
Price: 240€
Drama Kids English
Price: 240€
Express Yourself Club
4 sessions: 96€
Academic English

Online courses General/ Business- English/French

Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, our programs will make you feel confident enough to socialize and communicate with people on basic and more complex conversations on a personal or professional level.

Our General or BUsiness English/French courses are designed to help you make rapid progress and focus on four key language skills – speaking, listening pronunciation, and mastering grammar rules. This will be done through creative activities such as role-plays,  games, singing, discussions. With this approach, we can guarantee that you will have the most effective and the most pleasant language learning experience you ever had.

For adults

Price: 1200€
Price: 1440€

For children

4 sessions: 80€
4 sessions: 60€


International Winter/ Spring/ Summer camp

Price: 135€ / 5 days
International Winter/ Spring/ Summer camp