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Our comprehensive program caters to grades 1 to 4 and 5 to 8, ensuring an enriching experience for all students.

English/ Spanish/French Language Clubs for students

For grades 1 to 4, our curriculum boasts an array of captivating activities like art, drama, storytelling, and other expressive forms, designed to captivate young minds and foster a genuine passion for language learning.

As students progress to grades 5 to 8, our focus shifts towards academic excellence while still incorporating engaging drama, arts, storytelling, and various modes of expression. Our handpicked educators, trained by the program’s founder Kamal, stand out for their fluency, creativity, and boundless energy.

We take immense pride in our semester-end tradition, where students showcase their newfound language skills through captivating events such as drama, debates, spoken word and other meaningful projects. This culminating event serves as a platform for friends and families to witness the remarkable progress of our young linguists.

Our curriculum places strong emphasis on fostering essential social skills, teamwork, and effective communication, creating well-rounded individuals prepared for success both academically and in life. Experience the transformative power of language education with us, where creativity, expression, and community thrive.

English club

Unlock the magic of language with our English Club! Designed for school-age learners, our club offers an immersive and structured experience. Through interactive activities like games, storytelling, and drama, children will embark on an engaging journey to explore the depths of the English language. Divided into three semesters, the club culminates in a captivating showcase where students can proudly demonstrate their language prowess. Join us and watch your child’s language skills flourish in an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment.

French club

ntroduce your child to the captivating world of French language through our engaging club. Designed to be both informative and enjoyable, our informal yet structured approach ensures active participation. From games and songs to role-playing and storytelling, each class promises interactive fun. Divided into three semesters, the club culminates in a lively show where your child can display their language skills. Join us in this educational journey that combines creativity with language learning.

Spanish club

Bienvenidos! Our Spanish Club brings the vibrancy of the Spanish language to school students. Immerse your child in a world of fun and learning as they engage in dynamic activities like games, role-playing, and storytelling. Our informal approach within a structured framework ensures active participation and skill development. Divided into three semesters, the club wraps up with an exciting presentation, where students showcase their newfound Spanish skills. Join us on this linguistic adventure and witness your child’s language journey come to life!

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