Acting Teens: English

Acting Teens: English

Acting Teens: English

Why learning English through acting?

Since childhood, each of us faces the world and creates relations with it. This relation can develop harmoniously only if we are able to hear and to be heard. Every child has a need to express and voice itself and it has a strong impact on its future. By helping to open their voices and act with self-confidence around others, we are taking a step forward. The next step is to incorporate the authentic voices of kids through creative performance and letting them connect with the world around them. And all of this in English.

“The acting classes that children will be taking are like improvisation classes so they can think on their feet,” Kotryna said. “With kids, you really just need to encourage open up and play on their strengths.


Time  Age Group
1 – 2.30 pm 13 – 15 yrs
3 – 4.30 pm 16 -18 yrs


K.Donelaičio 5a, Vingis park

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/ English and Drama Teacher
Kotryna is an artist who’s been immersed in acting since her childhood. Since the age of eight years old, she grew up in Children and Youth Theatre “Vilkolakis”. Later, Kotryna graduated in acting at the Lithuania Theatre and Music Academy with the professor and actor Valentinas Masalskis. Since 2017, she continued her creative path in the well-known artist’s mecca, the Republic of Užupis. Here are some of the various activities and projects she’s been involved in the last three years: organizing performances, films, festivals, acting, setting up exhibitions, voice opening, and movement workshops, exhibitions, events at the "Užupis Art Incubator", "Godo Gallery", "Užupis Mekas" involving local restaurants and organizations. Her actual project consists of bringing together various artists of different backgrounds in order to develop an interdisciplinary acting method and create a radio and cinema project “Užiateka".
Price €360.00
Instructor Kotryna
Duration 12 weeks
Age Group 13 -18 Years
Total Sessions 12
Session Frequency Once a week
Price / Session €30
Min Participants 5
Max Participants 10
Min Bookings 1
Starting From September 6, 2020
Language English or French