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English Debate Club

Debate is a valuable activity for upper-intermediate to
advanced level. It teaches us useful skills for other academic
pursuits and life in a variety of ways. Most obviously, your
debaters will build confidence speaking in public and
expressing their ideas eloquently.

During our time together, we will practice how to formulate
what it is we are thinking and trying to express. We will use a
variety of different styles and techniques until we find the one
that fits who we are and what we want to say.

Find YOUR Voice In our Debate Club.


The Language Cloud believes in your child’s ability to learn. The techniques used in our Debate Club engages the natural abilities. We use dynamic teaching methods to engage and interact with kids to get the best out of their learning experience. Our club aims to get your child think about contemporary issues in an enjoyable but demanding way.


  • Grade 5-8


  • Number of participants: 8-12


  • 288 euros/12 sessions
  • 90 Min


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