Learn a language Naturally

Evening Intellectuals

Throughout the course of the school year, we will have intriguing courses run by some of the most unique and specialised teachers. We will expand our inner Genius as we explore science, robotics, nature, computers and even building our own radios. Some of our classes include;

Science Technology, Robotics, Social studies, Nature science, IT crowd ~ Learning The Code and Every Aspect of Maths.

These Courses will prepare Your language skills for further studies in any field of Your choosing; You will learn how to think, how to problem solve, write and understand all whilst growing Your English Language. This will ensure your progression within the world of Academia. As well as develop new interests or already existing ones which need some adapting in the area of language.


  • 8-12, and 13-16 years old


  • Number of participants: 5-12


  • Monday 16:00-17:30


  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Native Mixed


  • 96 euros/4 sessions
  • 30 euros/session


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