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Hmm… is a social event organized by the Language cloud. It is an open space in which total strangers meet and connect through interesting and meaningful conversations, thus allowing them to skip the unbearable small talks.

We’ve selected the most fun, yet thought-provoking questions to help the participants to open up and share their deepest thoughts, perspectives, and life experiences. At the end of every event, we hope we will have contributed to creating a culture of friendship, empathy, understanding, and respect despite cultural differences, and personal/collective stories.

How does it work?

Participants sit in groups of 5 around a table. They take turns in drawing a question card. All participants answer the same question. The discussion time is set for 30 minutes. Then, participants move to another table and start new discussions with other strangers.


  • Monthly event


  • Number of participants: 5-20


  • 5 Euros


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