Learn a language Naturally

Individual lessons for adults.

Teaching English in a seriously fun way.

Personal Language Learning

Learning days: Options are Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday or Friday and Sunday. Class times are dependent on the teacher and students’ preferred arrangement. Classes are 90 mins.

Course length: 3 months per level. (12 weeks with 2 classes per week of 90mins each).

Our method/ Our teaching approach

Each course consists of 3 months of 24 sessions. Our aim is to develop your communication, comprehension, and grammar skills after every session.

Before starting the course, there will be an assessment based on your speaking and comprehension skills.

We will build our lesson plan together, creating a programme we are both happy with and through this, progression will come easy.

3 weeks of remote learning consisting of 2 classes a week.

~ Our final session of each month will take place at our language studio on Kražių g 25, where we will gather in person and have a special class consisting of special workshop that will focus on specific themes such as: pronunciation, reading, writing, culture, discussion, business language, music, and much more.

This immersive learning method will help you to boost your confidence in all social interactions. Each month is different and each time it’s bound to be something fun and creative!

Final assessment at the end of the course before starting the next level.

Course content

We understand that each person is different and has different and unique ways of learning, so we try our best to be adaptable and flexible with our methods and ways in which we connect with our new Languages.

Before we begin, we will have a discussion of where we want improvement and what you would like to gain from our lessons. From this, we will build our lesson plan together, creating a programme we are both happy with and through this, progression will come easy.

These are some of the general topics we cover with our clients: pronunciation, vocab building, grammar, association, conversational (both formal and casual), professional letter writing/ email writing, written, spoken and reading.

Our Intensive courses

For our more ambitious students we offer a 12 session-intensive course ~ 90 min.

Throughout this course we will focus on just one subject matter at a time, depending on your need:

~ Pronunciation
~ Reading
~ Business language
~ Academic language
~ Public speaking
~ Slang and cultural knowledge
~ Creative writing

NB: If you have a specific requirement, we’d be happy to take this into consideration and together, we will create a personalized learning plan for you.

Full Course Length

  • 3 months
  • 24 sessions in total


  • €1440 ~ Full course
  • €760 ~ intensive course


  • 12 weeks; 2 sessions a week of 90mins
  • 4 weeks; 3 sessions a week, of 90mins