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Michaela Bujackova

Born and grew up in Slovakia. I hold BFA from The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia and MFA from The Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania, both with the specialization in painting. I am based in Lithuania for almost 6 years now, developing my artistic career and working with children. I’ve been passionate about art ever since I was a young kid, patiently drawing and painting all days long. I already have quite a rich history of working with different ages of children and engaging them in various creative activities. I am especially delighted to connect art with education and I truly believe that a teacher has to create a positive atmosphere and trust to ensure that every unique student is successful in his/her own way. In my opinion, creativity is very important for a child as it expands motor skill development, perception, self-expression, visual processing and their memory as concentrating on a project develops focus and longer attention. In my way of teaching I always explain that the process is infinitely more valuable and important than the result. I like to see children grow and progress at their own speed as well as see them happy and excited about the things they do and love. I admire their endless energy, honesty, creativity, curiosity and flexibility. Laughter, compassion and respect are the key components for me.

Ken Cassie

Ken Cassie is a versatile Performing Artist who excels in music composition, music arrangement, rhythm, playing of the bass guitar, key boards, drums and the lead guitar among others. He is an inspirational leader who is able to utilize anything creative to teach English language and Mathematics.  He is a great story teller and is able to find critically pragmatic ways to engage his peers and students in project execution and development with a keen sense of professionalism. Kenneth has enthusiasm that seem to be infectious. With passion to help, direct and mentor kids, Ken undoubtedly has the skill, flare and style in  introducing subject matters of activities with a sense of humour. He loves to think out of the box and believes in the “can do spirit”. His slogan is “everybody is important and has great skills and is a mover of great ideas and concepts”. Ken was the wonderful brain behind the the set up of the Kids music band of the Rev. John Teye  Memorial Institute in Ghana. Kenneth has worked on a couple of kids projects while in Ghana. Among others, were the “Adventures of Sasa and Esi”, a children’s play that appeals to adults, “Children’s Fun Games” that unearths the potentials of children in the Creative Arts, and “Aseda Musical Concert Project”, designed to sharpen the rare talents of kids in music. He has also mentored some kids at the National Theatre of Ghana in the area of Performing Arts and Culture. Ken contributed enormously to the Ghanaian Music Industry per extension the African Arts. As young as he is, he has a wealth of great ideas and its development. This purposeful young man is a great team player who is always thinking about more creative approaches to projects. Kenneth can breathe life into ideas with passion, zeal and humour. He is undoubtedly a huge asset to any visual project as regards teaching and creative arts. Kenneth is a reflective teacher and is always successful in any kids project he handles. This is because he exhibits his talent in this area with flair and style, endearing himself to the hearts of kids. In fact, some of the kids he was teaching in Ghana could not hold back their tears when he had to leave to Lithuania to further his studies.

Liana Moss, English and Arts and Crafts Teacher

Moss is an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. She studied ”Illustration, Publication, and Design” at the Escuela Superior de Dibujo Professional in Madrid, Spain. 
In 2016-2017 she painted finishing touches on artisanal woodwork at ‘Krikragaa’– a Lithuanian Craftsmen’s Guild– based in Klaipeda. There she worked alongside various Artisans from woodworkers, folk instrument crafters, sculptors, textile and ceramic artists. She co-founded and managed ”Shakmanas”, a small family business that held drum crafting workshops in Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands and Norway. Her passion is illustrating and creating with the hands. She has volunteered as a Camp Counselor at the ”Toronto City Mission” with school-aged children, and has also been a teacher’s helper tutoring Grade 1 and 2 students. She grew up speaking both English and French. 
Moss believes a creative and fun approach to learning is an incredible way to become fluent in a language


Michaela is a International Business student studying in Vilnius. Michaela obtained her diploma in teaching English as a foreign language in 2018. Since then, she gained experience when she aupaired for a South African family and taught English online to numerous students, ages, and nationalities👩🏼‍🏫. Michaela has a great passion for children and planning creative activities for her students! She enjoys building relationships with both her students and parents and keeping her students as interactive as possible. She has a realistic yet enjoyable approach by teaching educational games and crafts. Michaela’s hobbies include dancing. She has danced at many different levels and styles for many years 💃🏼. She aims to encourage her students to be the best version of themselves whilst her time at the Cloud Language Summer Camp!


I have studied theater acting in the National Academy of Music and Theater in Lithuania and literature at the Complutense University of Madrid. Living between Spain and Lithuania, I have been performing in theaters and festivals, alongside working as a Spanish/English teacher. My biggest passion is theater, cinema, and everything related to the performing arts. I have volunteered as a body language counselor in the camp of people with visional disabilities. Last year I started to work with the kids of The Language Cloud, where I’ve been teaching them drama and acting. My multicultural background and international experience made me an open-minded person, who always has something to tell, knows how to approach, and easily interacts with people from all over the world. 

I speak 7 languages and I am sure, that the best way to learn or improve a language is by arousing a desire to explore another culture. And I am so eager to share the joy of an actor’s job with the kids in this summer camp!

Shura Gozalova

Shura is an enthusiastic teacher of English. For 4 years she has been teaching English and has an international certificate of TESOL. Shura also studied literature and participated in the preparation and instruction of dramas. She is currently studying education management and has a professional insight into curricula and lesson plans in design. She is so excited to offer students an inspiring lesson. She establishes strong and positive relations with parents and students. The style of her teaching is creative and energetic. She can develop and implement activities that enhance learning and behavioral skills of students, as well as confidence and self-esteem.