Learn a language Naturally

Let's Improve Together!!!

Are You ready to let go of being afraid? Are you ready to feel good being Yourself? Are You ready to dance, sing, laugh, PLAY? Then you are ready to join us on our journey of releasing our inner Drama Queen!

We will use the best methods, the most exciting adventures and of course the easiest ways of understanding so anyone can join (no matter how scared, inexperienced or ‘terrible’ you think you might be) join us now and loose the words; ‘i can’t’, ‘i don’t know’, ‘i don’t want’, ‘buuut…’ ‘if…’! Let’s start to feel what it means to let go of fear and embrace courage, happiness and what it means to truly be ourselves; Let’s Improv(e) Together!!!

Age groups

  • Adult


  • Number of participants: 5-12


  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Native
  • Mixed


  • 40 Euros/4 successive sessions
  • 15 Euros/session


  • Saturday 16-17.30


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