Learn a language Naturally

English, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese Online Course for businesses

We understand that each person is different and has different and unique ways of learning so we try our best to be adaptable and flexible with our methods and ways in which we connect with our new Languages.

To begin with, we ask all students to take a written, spoken and reading test in order for us to understand their level of the Language and where we should begin. After this we take our time deciding how to proceed and where we want to go, creating our plan together. 

Our method

Each ‘session’ consists of 3 months, within these 3 months we will cover a range of topics depending on what the student feels is needed / what they would like to focus on. We will cover pronunciation, vocab building, grammar, association, conversational (both formal and casual), professional letter writing/ email writing, written, spoken and reading ~ we have a structure and plan in place but we like to work together with our students; so before we begin we will have a discussion of where we want improvement and what would like to gain from our lessons. From this we will build our lesson plan together, creating a programme we are both happy with and through this, progression will come easy.

Our aim is to increase your level after every session for this, there will be a test every 3 months in order to evaluate how you are progressing. 


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Class times are dependent on the student's preferred arrangement.

Price for Individual

  • 1680 Euros/24 sessions
  • ( 90 min per session, twice a week)

Price for Group

  • 3-8 students: 1920 Euros/24 sessions
  • ( 90 min, per session, twice a week)


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