Slam poetry club
English, French
Welcome to the ultimate artistic form of expression! Here we strive to discover the power of the voice!
Slam poetry is often written on a page and later performed for an audience. It relies on heavy use of rhythm, improvisation, rhymes, wordplay, and slang.
There is no limit for your art! It can be stories, poems, monologues, rap, and even stand-up comedy. We are here to learn AND have fun!
Poetry slam not only helps students develop literacy skills, but also helps to grow social and emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, communication, and confidence. Here we aim to create and express poetry in a way that is memorable, moving, and impactful.
During our sessions, we will practice how to formulate what it is we are thinking and trying to express. We will use a variety of different styles and techniques until we find the one that fits who we truly are and what we want to say.
Are you ready to bring your best verse and join our club of poetry slam? We can’t wait to start the journey of self-discovery through the medium of wonderful poetry!
Grade 5-8
Number of participants: 8-12
4.30- 6 pm
Starting date: 11th January 2023
288 Euros/12 sessions
Session duration: 90 min