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English Slam Poetry Club

Slam poetry is usually written on a page and then performed
for an audience. It relies on heavy use of rhythm, improvisation,
rhymes, wordplay, and slang. … Some examples of slam poetry
you might be familiar with are stories, poems, monologues, rap,
and even stand-up comedy. While studying and writing any
form of poetry helps students develop literacy skills, Slam
poetry is different in that it also helps students build social and
emotional skill sets including self-awareness, communication,
and confidence.

During our sessions, we will practice how to formulate what it is
we are thinking and trying to express. We will use a variety of
different styles and techniques until we find the one that fits
who we are and what we want to say.

Welcome to the ultimate artistic form of expression and discover the power of the voice! Bring your best verse and join our club of poetry slam! Kids will learn how to create and express their poetry in a way that it is memorable, moving, and impactful!! takes children on a journey of self-discovery through the medium of poetry.


  • Grade 5-8


  • Number of participants: 8-12


  • 288 euros/12 sessions
  • 90 Min


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