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Monday and Wednesday 6,30pm Viskas Gerai course

Learn Lithuanian With TLC
How to Viskas Gerai your way through the early days.

We all know the feeling of arriving in a new country and being lost within a world of words which seems to only consist of strange noises and sounds. It may not be something everyone is familiar with, but it sure is something all of us at TLC know well, which is why we have created ‘How to Viskas Gerai Your way through the early days.’ A place where Expats can find comfort in not being the only one who is amazed at how hard it seems to even just say hello in this beautiful yet complex country. Here You will find a community of people who will socialise, learn, laugh and grow together – Zig Zagging in and around Lithuanian, we will connect with new people as we practice understanding the beauty of the Lithuanian language.


Learning Lithuanian as an international newcomer will be Fun and interactive, we will use day to day experiences to understand the basics and once we feel comfortable we will delve deeper into the mysterious aspects of the culture, people and of course, the language itself. We will go on day trips around the country to explore what it really means to be Lithuanian, through this we believe it is possible to learn any language; once You experience the nature, the culture, the people, the food; learning the language comes almost naturally!


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


  • Number of participants: 4-8


  • 96 Euros/8 sessions


  • 6.30-8pm
  • Monday,Tuesday
  • Wednesday, Thursday


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